Rich, Bold Cheese

Rich, Bold


A diverse selection of artisanal cheeses, both domestic and imported. We source all our cheeses from artisanal cheese makers.

Fresh Jarred Jams

Fresh Jarred


Picked at their peak ripeness, each jar of jam is packed with flavor. Jarred in small quantities for the very best results.

From the Vineyard Wines

From the Vineyard


Every wine has a story, and we love telling it. We ensure our wines have perfect provenance and are meticulous about storage.

2014 Los Santos
Our Price: $24.99
2009 La Mée
Our Price: $18.49
2014 Jean d'Aosque
Our Price: $21.94
2011 Viognier
Our Price: $22.99

Artisanal Made

Small Batch

A handpicked, curated selection of artisan made products. Every item helps support an artisan maker and their community.

From the Beginning

Our Story

We are driven by our love of food. We relish in finding the very best, small batch items and sharing them with the world.